Why It Works: Accountability

I see myself as just a regular, ordinary girl, and I realized that most people needed
the same basic thing I did–accountability. Accountability is the key to success in
the BABES program. Being responsible to someone else will motivate your group members to lose weight and keep it off.
          - Barb Swanson, founder Victory Babes


Sample journal accountability chart



  1. Complete weekly workbook assignment
  2. Complete daily food journaling
  3. Attend weekly class
  4. Lose or maintain weight
  5. Exercise 3-5 hours weekly

As you follow the five accountabilities and take the decisive and effective action of this program, you will begin to live with a higher level of health, energy, vitality and self-control. BABES leadership is totally committed to encourage, inspire, and give each new BABE the support needed to accomplish her goals.


Each week, you are required to bring your journal in order for your leader to log your accountabilities and reward you with BABES Bucks. Failure to bring your book will be a loss of a BABES Buck for that week.


Each accountability is worth one BABES Buck. A maximum of 20 BABES Bucks can be earned and used toward the next month's payment. Each time you pay, the next four weeks will be stamped in your book. Your log book must be stamped before you weigh in. Each month, an announcement will be made one week prior to the payment week to remind you that your payment will be due the following week.

Why it Works: The "God Factor"

BABES is more than just a weight-loss program. It is a healing tool for the body, mind, and emotions. Through the years, I have seen illnesses healed, minds beautifully transformed, emotional devastation uprooted, bodies restored, and literally tons of weight lost.           - Barb Swanson, founder Victory Babes

The Bible Tells us "With God all things are possible to those who believe" (Mark 9:23). If we press in and work with God, there is nothing that can't be made beautiful in His time. As you focus on the BABES challenge, not only will you become the healthy, energetic, positive woman God created you to be, you will enjoy life more and there will be more of "you" to give to others! [Victory Babes Workbook, Chapter 1]

WORKBOOK: Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2

The BABES program is designed to retrain your body and soul, and strengthen your spirit. Our interactive workbook will help you renew your mind daily so that you can make needed adjustments in your everyday life patterns.

WEEKLY SESSIONS: For as she thinks in her heart, so is she. Proverbs 23:7

Each of the weekly BABES teaching videos will facilitate the untangling of any wrong beliefs you may have about yourself and your relationship with food and exercise.

Get Started: Purchase Your Leader Kit

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  • 1 Promotional/Administrative CD
  • 1 Leader's Guide
  • 1 Workbook
  • 1 Accountability Journal
  • 3 DVDs (4 sessions per DVD)


  • A love for women
  • A heart for the overweight (developed through your own situation or someone you love)
  • A positive, encouraging personality
  • The ability to put together a team of administrative volunteers and group leaders who will be optimistic and supportive
  • The will to "start strong, stay strong, and finish strong" on this 12-week weight-loss challenge 

LEADER'S GUIDE: Free Download

  • Letter from Barb Swanson, founder of Victory Babes

  • Planning and Promotion:
    Class Calendar
    Class Format
    Meeting Place
    Leader's Kit

  • Small Group Leaders:
    Administrative Setup
    Babes Bucks
    Required and Optional Purchases



Q: Can I lead a BABES group if I'm just starting the program?
A: Yes! Some of our most succcessful groups have had leaders who had the most to lose themselves.

Q: How much can I expect to lose?
A: We have had women lose up to 60lbs in one 12 week session. Our average weight loss is 20-40lbs per BABE.

Q: Can I start a BABES group out of my home?
A: Yes! BABES groups can start anywhere there is a DVD player and a roomful of hopeful women.

Q: Can I schedule Barb Swanson to speak at our group, party or women's retreat?
A: YES! Barb loves teaching and ministring to other women. After wacthing Barb's teaching dvds, you will feel like she is one of your girlfriends. To schedule Barb just go to our contact page and send us an email.

Q: Do I need to by a journal and workbook each session?
A: YES. They are apart of your weekly accountablilties. If you don't buy them, you are cheating yourself out of the accountability.

Q: Can I do the program if I'm diabectic?
A: We have had many diabectic members inprove their health with our program. After consulting with your doctor, you can tailor our program to fit your diabectic needs.

Q: What is a "maintence girl?"
A: Once you have reached your goal weight, you become a maintence girl. We encourage all maintence girls to attend at least 2 more sessions after they have obtained their goal. This is to ensure their success and be an encouragement to other girls. Maintence girls also get to attend the sessions for free.

Q: Can I follow the program while I'm pregnant?
A: As with any diet and exercise program, you first need to consult with your doctor. BABES is a great way to focus on you and your babies health. Pregnant women need to consume 1800 calories per day.