Leader Kit




Tape Measure

Water Bottle

10 lb Jewel

Charm Bracelet

Charm Necklace

Charm Purse Hook

Goal Necklace

Hoop Earrings

Oval Keychain

Rhinestone Earrings

    BABES Products

    • Babes Leader Kit

      Babes Leader Kit

      The Victory Babes Leader's Kit includes everything you need to start a group of your own! 1 DVD set including all 12 sessions. 30 minutes each on 4 DVD's. 1 BABES Workb… $89.00
    • Babes Workbook

      Babes Workbook

      This 12-week BABES workbook is compatible with the weekly DVD sessions and features five daily, interactive lessons for each week. As a participating BABES member, you will need y… $15.00
    • Babes Journal

      Babes Journal

      The BABES Accountability Journal will help you keep track of attendance, weight, daily calories, exercise, and water intake. As a member of BABES, you will need your own journal so… $10.00
    • Babes DVD

      Babes DVD

      Barb Swanson shares the BABES weight-loss challenge from the viewpoint of running your own weight-loss marathon - all the way to victory in just 12 weeks - by starting strong, stay… $65.00